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Morrison Floral Co. and Greenhouses
4801 N Meridian
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
405-789-1622/fax 405-789-1638

Morrison Floral and Greenhouses began doing business in 1949 and truly was
more greenhouses than florals. Many varieties of plants were grown here but
more bedding than anything else. Initially, the cash register and counters sat
on dirt floors. With healthy, quality plants and knowledge of both Horton and
the staff, the business began to grow. Horton began designing and studied
different designers and created for himself a unique style. Business continues
to evolve and change, and their decision to build the conservatory was made.
It was built to have a beautiful area to display blooming plants. Since that time
it has become one of the city's most popular locations for intimate weddings
and gatherings.
The design of the front showroom is German in origin. Architect Norman
Bird, at the time a graduate student of Oklahoma University, designed the
building but Mr. Morrison himself, along with his day laborer carpenter Virgil,
built the building. It is designed using supports of what at the time was state
of the art materials, Dickey Clay Pipe. All of the building counters, glass,
skylights and floor pattern are all done in 70 and 140 degree angles.

The greenhouse is another area where Mr. Morrison was an innovator of the
time; normal greenhouses had benches that were constructed of wood needing
replacement every two years. Mr. Morrison invented the design and followed
through with concrete benches that have designs that include water drainage
and moisture maintenance.

This building and its construction, design and vision has been documented in
many National and International publications.
About Us